Kapan Harus Berhenti Saat Main Poker QQ Online?

If you want to play online gambling games, you should know that setting and managing time is one of the important things to do. In other words you have to know the time when playing because then you can become a great and wise sailor. Ordinary like a great player does not mean that he always wins and keeps earning a lot of money, but as a great and professional player it is where he can manage time well and correctly. Management of time in the game is indeed very important to note especially if you are still a beginner.

What happens if you don’t know the time?

If you play poker QQ but don’t have good time management, there will be a bad risk that you can get. But many of them do not know what these bad risks can be. Actually, the bad risks that can be obtained can be in various forms. Well maybe many of them are wondering what are the risks in question? Some of them are as stated and explained in the following points:

  • Addiction – one of the main risks of an online game including poker gambling is addiction. If you get addicted in the game, then then this can be one of the things that are harmful.
  • Bankrupt – the next risk is that you experience bankruptcy because you don’t feel enough about what you’ve got. Usually people who can’t manage their time, just keep playing, which then causes their capital to run out and run out.

When to stop playing poker QQ?

When you play a game, you have to know when you have to play and when you have to stop. Understanding and knowledge of important things is indeed highly recommended once for good study. You don’t just know when to play but it’s also important to know when you should stop playing. Now to start the game, this is usually done when we do have enough capital. To stop playing, there are actually certain conditions that require you to take a shower first and play it. The conditions referred to include the following:

  1. After getting a big win – if you have already gotten a big win from the poker game that you run, you should stop first from the game. But sometimes so far many of them do not feel enough with the benefits that can be obtained, then they continue to play spend a lot of money and eventually lose and lose. The water is then run out of money and even the money that is owned as capital runs out.
  2. When it starts to be out of focus – if you for example have already begun to not focus on the game, then you should and should indeed know that you have to stop. That way you can get time to refresh your mind so that you are ready to play.
  3. When you lose constantly – if for example you lose constantly in the game of poker cue, you should not force yourself to continue playing. That is because there are indeed a number of things that you have to check and pay attention to, including your evaluation first. Who knows if there are even severe errors that are the wrong choice of the agent.
  4. When there is something suspicious – If for example you also find some things that are suspicious of the movements of other players or from the system from the agent’s site, then you should try stopping first. That is so that Then you do not continue to be victims of fraud committed by certain parties.

As explained and mentioned above it is true that it is true that all this can be taken into consideration when we are going to stop playing poker QQ . Not in the sense of stopping forever but stopping at certain moments.